Hiking in Merano and surroundings

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts can explore the Alpine world of the South Tyrol on well-marked trails. Cosy Alpine huts invite the wanderers in for a well-earned rest and the sound of fresh flowing water accompanies every step.

Oberer Waalweg
In front of the Moserhof go along the path to the Georgenhöhe, then on to the Waalweg (path that follows the irrigation channels through the fields), where you turn left. Follow the Waalweg above St. Georgen with a view of Meran, through the Brunjaunerhof and on to the romantic “Cat’s ladder” then continue to the Taser cable car / Pichler. Either return on the visitors’ bus or along Ifingerstr. Continue to the school and into the village; around 1 hour

Maiser Waalweg
Opposite the Schennerhof in the town centre, turn off to the Katnauweg and Leiterweg, go past the Innerleiter to the Ofenbauer, where you reach the Waalweg. Following this path north, you eventually cross the Schnuggenbach and arrive at the Petaunerhof, then continue on the Riffianerweg, which takes you back to Schenna; around 2 hours

Marlinger Waalweg
Starts at the Töll and runs above Marling to Oberlana; around 4-5 hours

Algunder Waalweg
Made up of the Gratscher, Algunder and Plarser Waal. Starting in Gratsch where the Tappainerweg turns into the Thurnsteiner Straße, the path goes through the Algunder village, Mitterplars and Oberplars as far as Töll; around 3 hours

Partschinser Waalweg
Above Partschins starting off in the direction of the waterfall, go east until you get to the Gasthof Niedermair in the Vertigen district;
around 1.5 hours

Vorbichel adventure trail in Tisens-Prissian
Ideal for children, an attractive round circuit. Explore and discover nature through play. Wooden bells, slides, a pond, an over-sized wooden bench, a stunning lookout point and much more...

International felt-art trail Vorbichl Tisens
Artworks made from felt line the circuit, all made of wool from Alpine sheep. Deep in the countryside, partially hidden, at the side of the path in the tops of trees, each new bend in the path hides new surprises. Children run from one to the next, and even adults are curious about the next work of art.

Forest discovery trail on the Marlinger Waalweg
Diverse “objects” are scattered along a 2 km stretch: a water wheel, from the earth to the tree tops, stones, what is each tree called?, from weeds to crops…

Path of reflection Naturns
15 stations are spaced along this quiet trail at the foot of the Nörderberg. The trail guides the wanderer through the life and message of Jesus Christ. A circuit of around 2 hours above the sports centre

Fairytale trail Ultental
Round the Zoggler reservoir, berries, flowers, bushes and a constant view of the mirror-smooth lake
Hiking in Merano and surroundings
Hiking in Merano and surroundings
Hiking in Merano and surroundings
Hiking in Merano and surroundings


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